Art as activism

Storytelling through art can have the power to transform mindsets

underwater art
Jason Decaires Taylor sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. With these profound words from Albert Camus we want to take you on a journey into three different artistic universers to meet Jason Decaires Taylor, Artsi Ifrach and Jeff Hong.

I just can’t help thinking that we’ve been so destructive and we’ve done so much damage and
you know what will the next generation have to explore, what will fire their imaginations?

Jason Decaires Taylor

Jason Decaires Taylor
Sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer.

Jason deCaires Taylor creates dynamic sculptural installations on the ocean floor to promote ocean conservation and address the perils of climate change.

Recycling is very important and I think our future for now, is to fix what we’ve already destroyed. I’ve decided I will recycle everything because I think we are already at a stage in life that we have to somehow start to fix things



ARTSI IFRACH is a creator, artist and designer of the label Art- C. He is self- described Israeli Jewish Moroccan designer living in the heart of Marrakech, revealing a deep and sensitive soul with a touching reverence for life, people, history, creation, artistic freedom and preserving culture and legacy.

A lifelong fan of Disney characters, and having worked for the company, Jeff observed the emotional connection people, including himself, had to these fictional, well- known, well loved characters. Moved by the experiences of people around him in fast paced cities like LA and New York and the seeming disconnectedness of life here, Jeff was inspired to create art to highlight what he saw, and use his talents and platforms to subvert familiar Disney characters by placing then into modern day contexts of what their lives would be like in today´s modern culture. Tarzan on the subway, Pocohontas inside a glittering but tawdry casino, an sludge- covered Arial, the little mermaid crawling out of a polluted ocean and Alice escaping into a rabbit hole of drugs and chemical dependency, are just some of the poignant, powerful and sometimes painful images Jeff gives life and voice.